5 Advanced OBS Settings Tips


Streaming can be overwhelming when you're first getting started, and the advanced tab can look like a very scary place. Instead of talking about bitrates and encoding settings I'm going to describe some practical things you can do by using the toolkit provided by OBS and StreamElements OBS.Live!

Record and Stream at the Same Time

Want to stream on Twitch and upload your videos to YouTube afterwards? Sure you could export from Twitch, but most video content usually requires some editing (splash screen!). With OBS.Live, you can hit record every time your start streaming and make an archive of all your streams! 

Record and stream at the same time

Different Audio for the Streamer and Audience

Most of the time, the streamer and their viewers are hearing the exact same audio, but did you know you can send audio to your stream without hearing it yourself? After streaming for a few weeks you'll notice the music gets played out, fast! Keep your stream entertained with the music while you focus on the sounds of the game!

You need to start by downloading and installing a virtual audio device, which can be done for free. This will probably mess up your default audio, so before you do this take a look and see what your default playback and recording devices are in your windows volume settings and write them down or take a screenshot.

Setup your new, virtual audio device in OBS.Live by going to the settings and redirecting any application to output to the virtual audio device. This will allow your stream to listen to music while you focus on the game.

05 set cable output.png
07 music only for stream.gif

Create Short Clips with the Press of a Button (Replay Buffer)

OBS.Live has the ability to use something called a Replay Buffer that constantly saves the last 30-60s of your recording. By setting up a replay buffer hotkey, it will trigger OBS.Live to create a clip of the last 30-60s. This means after something amazing happens while you're streaming, you can quickly hit a hotkey and make a video for later.

settings gif.gif

Mute Your Microphone When You're not Talking

This is especially important if you have a microphone that pics up static or background noise. Setting up a noise gate in OBS.Live will solve this problem. A noise gate works by only allowing audio that is louder than the threshold you set it at. 

noise gate.gif

Use Filters to Adjust Your Webcam

Different lighting, cameras, and environments can effect your stream. Use the Color Correction filter to adjust your webcam the same way you would your monitor. Don't be ridiculous about it! You can also use the Chroma Key filter to completely filter out any color (greenscreen) allowing us to lose less screen real estate.

Activate Chrome Key for your Greenscreen:

chroma key.gif

Color Correction Example:

color correction.gif


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