The 3 BEST Plugins for OBS Studio


OBS Studio is open-source software, which means that almost anyone can develop add-ons and plugins for it. For streamers, this can be incredibly helpful. Sometimes a streamer needs additional functionality that isn’t built directly into OBS Studio, so the open-source functionality of OBS Studio lends itself well to this need.

With that said, there are plenty of options for add-ons and plugins depending on your needs. So let's talk about our choices for the three best OBS plugins!

Number 3: OBS NDI

NDI addon banner.jpg

A developer who goes by the name Palakis has created a plugin called “OBS-NDI” available here

What this plugin does is allow a TWO PC stream setup without having to buy any capture cards or adapters. If you were looking to up your streaming setup game, OBS NDI is a very easy and free way to do so. The basic requirement for any of the PCs used with NDI is any CPU that supports Supplemental SSE3 instruction set (SSSE3). If you’d like to check if your CPU supports this instruction set, head on over to CPUworld , search your model CPU, and look under “Extensions and Technologies.” 

If this plugin sounds familiar, it's because we have a complete guide on setting it up! If you’d like to check out this plugin, feel free to check out our guide!

Streamelements OBS NDI Tutorial

Streamelements OBS NDI Tutorial

Number 2: OBS Websocket (+Touch Portal)

OBS websocket.jpg

Palakis has developed yet another OBS plugin, and this one is called OBS Websocket. 

The OBS Websocket plugin allows other programs to control the scene selection, source selection, etc. What this means is you can gain functionality similar to what an Elgato Stream Deck offers by utilizing this plugin in combination with a program called Touch Portal! 

The only requirement to use it is a compatible Android or iOS device to turn into your low-cost Stream Deck alternative!

OBS Websocket link here
Touch Portal website link here

Install instructions

Click the download button on the page from the link above


  • Using the installer (recommended, works only with combined 32/64-bit installations) : download it, launch it and follow the instructions.

  • Using the archive : copy the contents of the archive to the root of your OBS Studio installation folder (either C:\Program Files\obs-studio or C:\Program Files (x86)\obs-studio).

The bottom of the page lists the following:

websocket stuff.jpg

Select the version that applies to you (most likely the Windows-Installer one) and follow the above instructions.
Then for Touch Portal, they provide their instructions right here.
You can also find many additional tutorials and guides for Touch Portal usage right here!

Number 1: VST Plugins

A big part of streaming is making sure your audio sounds as good as possible. No matter what, if your audio is sub-par, people won’t want to stay. Many people say that the most important part of good video is excellent audio, and this stands true with streaming as well. OBS Studio includes many great audio filters already, and configuring them can yield some fantastic results. However, this article is about plugins and VST Plugns for audio can take things to another level beyond what OBS Studio is capable of without plugins.

Mic Properties.jpg
VST add.jpg

VST Plugins can allow you to control microphone EQ, compression, control peaking, control background noise, and generally clean up and improve your audio. One of the most popular sources of free VST plugins is Reaper, available here. You’ll want to make sure to download the “ReaPlugs VST FX Suite” and download the correct 32-bit or 64-bit package that is compatible with your OS. More than likely it’ll be 64-bit.


Once downloaded, go ahead and run through the installer. Adding a VST plug-in through your OBS microphone device filters will now show a drop down list of the ReaPlug VST plug-ins!

ReaPlug added.jpg

At this point, you can test the different VSTs and see what mix of ReaPlug VSTs and at what settings can get you the best sounding audio out of your microphone! For additional information on VST plug-ins, Reaper/ReaPlug, and how to set them up, there are additional tutorials available here and here.

Can’t forget the ultimate OBS Studio add-on either!

OBS.Live - Monitor, Control, Integrate, and Interact with your Stream!

You may have noticed the integrated Activity Feed and Chat window above or in some of the screenshots or linked tutorials. The OBS.Live plugin for OBS Studio by StreamElements does all of this and more! 

OBS.Live lets you see how many viewers you have, Activity Feed, skip/replay/manage Alerts, refresh your Overlays, Media Request controls, set what game you’re playing, set your stream title all in OBS much good stuff! The plugin is available to download right here: 

Happy Streaming!

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