How to Stream on Picarto With OBS

Picarto is a streaming service for creatives that was created in 2013. Its founders say that it was the “first platform ever to put the emphasis on creative livestreaming” and allows artists to share their passion for art and their talent with the world.

With Picarto, creative streamers can find new fans, make money doing what they love, and engage with those who enjoy their creations. Thousands of art fans watch creatives on Picarto and it can be a good way for artists to build their reputation.

Getting started streaming on Picarto is as easy as learning your ABCs, and you can use a piece of software called OBS or Open Broadcaster Software, to do it.

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How to Stream in Picarto With OBS

To stream your art in Picarto, download a piece of software called OBS. Free to download and use, OBS is one of the most popular tools for live streaming available. It allows you to start streaming easily and means that you can show everyone your next great artwork, though you don’t have much technical knowledge.

Once you have downloaded and installed OBS, you need to get your Picarto stream key. You can find your stream key by going to, signing into your account, and clicking the Go Live button.

OBS.Live Picarto stream key GIF.gif

Follow the steps in the Picarto setup and when you get to step number three, you’ll find your stream key. At the bottom of Step 3: Choose Server, Picarto will show you your stream key and you’ll have to click the Copy button to copy it to your clipboard.

OBS.Live Picarto settings OBS GIF.gif

Go back to OBS, go to the Settings menu, and click the tab that says Stream. Click show all services, select Picarto as the service, choose your server, and paste your stream key. By clicking the Apply and Save buttons at the bottom of the Settings menu, you will have successfully linked Picarto to OBS.

You could click Start Streaming now but you’d just be showing your viewers a black box, so, the next thing to do is to connect your camera or your art program.

If you are creating physical art, then plug your webcam into your computer and angle it at where you’re creating your art. In the list of OBS sources, click the plus sign button. You can then choose Video Input so that the video from your camera will be visible on the stream.

If you are creating digital art and are using a program such as Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Designer, or Artweaver, then you can choose Window Capture from the sources menu. Open the program and you can choose it from the Window Capture menu.

You now have a way to show your art, but you may want to show your face or speak to your viewers. Connect a second webcam to your computer, angle it to your face and add it as a video source in OBS so that your viewers can see your face as you’re creating art.

If the webcam that you’re using to show your face has a microphone, then you may not need to add an audio source too. However, if you have a headset with a microphone or you have a microphone that you want to use, connect it your computer and add it as an Audio Input source in OBS.

With all of this setup, you are ready to click “Start streaming” and begin broadcasting your art and how you make it on Picarto.

Other Great Tools for Streaming on Picarto

OBS Studio is one of the best pieces of software for streaming on Picarto. However, it’s not the only useful streaming tool that you can get for free.

StreamElements offers a range of free Overlays that will make your Picarto streams look incredibly professional. There are themed Overlays that look like chat shows and more, and you can customize the designs and the widgets in the Overlays in the Overlay editor.

You can also use the StreamElements Tipping system to make money by streaming on Picarto. Let fans of your art donate to you and support what you do.

If you also stream on Twitch, as well as Picarto, you can get OBS.Live, the OBS Studio add-on. It puts your Twitch Chat and Activity Feed right in OBS and gives you access to tools such as Media Request, your Chat Bot, and more.


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