OBS v23: How to benefit from NVENC Encoding support

On February 25, 2019, a new version of OBS Studio was released. The OBS team worked with Nvidia to include game-changing performance improvements for NVENC encoding. The functionality of how hardware h.264 encoding with NVENC works for both recording and streaming footage is now better than ever and a major advantage to using it for streaming is that it will reduce load on your CPU so that your games still perform at their highest FPS. So let's go over it.

How to Configure OBS Studio for Streaming
A major benefit to OBS’ improved NVENC support is that with Nvidia’s RTX GPUs, you also get a visual quality improvement similar to that of x264 Medium preset, but without the additional load that the x264 Medium would put on your system!

All of the new NVENC performance improvements and optimizations in OBS apply to all NVENC-capable Nvidia GPUs (600 series GTX and newer).

In order to configure OBS and take advantage of the NVENC encoding support, you’ll need to adjust the following settings:

  • Open OBS >

  • Click “Settings” then “Output.”

  • Change “Output mode” to “Advanced”


On the next screen, adjust the following settings:

  • Encoder: NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (new)

  • Uncheck “Enforce Streaming Service Encoder Settings”

  • Uncheck “Rescale Output”

  • Set the rate control to “CBR”

  • Set the bitrate to something appropriate to your Internet upload speed. The target is to get 720p, 60FPS streaming, so anything between 3500-6000 kbps would be appropriate.

  • Change the Keyframe Interval to 2

  • Change the Preset to “Max Quality”

  • Change the Profile to “High”

  • Uncheck “Look Ahead”

  • Check “Psycho Visual Tuning”

  • Set the GPU to 0, default. This is to make sure that you use your primary GPU.

  • Set the Max B-frames to 2

Advanced output settings

How to Configure the Video Settings in OBS
Once you’ve configured the Output settings, click the “video” tab and configure these settings too.


In the OBS Video settings section, you’ll set the base canvas to the resolution you are gaming at. Most of the time, this resolution will be the same as your monitor’s native resolution

  • Base Canvas: 1920x1080

  • Output (Scaled) Resolution: 1280x720

  • Downscale Filter: Lanczos

  • Common FPS Values: 60

Video settings.jpg

Don’t Forget Your Stream Key!

You can’t start streaming without a stream key! Bonus: OBS v23 now has Twitch and Mixer integration support for you to log-in and connect to those streaming services through OBS!

However, you can still add a stream key the traditional way. since OBS Live encompasses some of the new features OBS v23 adds (and then some!) this would still be the recommended method. The biggest new feature is a built in chat feed functionality, which you have to connect your account for, but OBS Live’s integration of it still the clear choice. In the OBS Settings menu, click “Stream,” and then “Use Stream Key.”

After clicking “Use Stream Key,” you can set the server or leave it on auto. Then you will see the blank box to paste your stream key into.

Stream key.jpg

A new feature in OBS v23, is a direct link to get your stream key right next to the stream key box.

This is very useful if you’re streaming to YouTube or Twitch and don’t want to go trawling through menus. Follow the link to get your stream key, and paste it in into the box. Then you’re ready to start streaming.

Stream Key 2.jpg

How OBS.Live Makes Stream Management Easy

You can also grab the StreamElements OBS.Live add-on for OBS Studio and make managing your stream easier. OBS.Live is an add-on (not a fork or an alternative version) of OBS that adds awesome features such as integration of your Activity Feed, Chat, Media Request, and StreamElements Tipping and Chat Bot settings too. With OBS.Live your Activity Feed and Chat are dockable and adjustable windows.

OBS Live windows.jpg

Go over to the OBS.Live page on the StreamElements website to download OBS Studio v23 with the latest version of OBS.Live all at once!

You can also download directly from here:

Happy Streaming!
All that you need to do now is to press “Start Streaming” in OBS and you’re off to the races! Good luck out there, streamers!

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