Setup Instant Replay for your Greatest Moments with OBS

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Live sports use instant replay regularly to give viewers a double take of the best plays right after they happened. Now you can setup and customize your own instant replay using an script. With the simple click of a button your viewers will be able to see up to your last minute of game play and the clips will be saved to your PC for you to use on social media or for compilation videos later!

Step 1: Replay Buffer.

Enable: Settings -> Output -> Enable Replay Buffer. You can set the duration here as well.

Auto Start: General settings -> Automatically start replay buffer when streaming.

Hotkey: Settings -> Hotkeys -> Set Hotkey for replay buffer (we will use Ctrl+Shift+S in this tutorial) 

Manual Start: "Start Replay Buffer" found near the bottom right of OBS Live. Click this now. 

The replay buffer will continuously record the last 10 seconds of your stream and keep it in your computers memory. When you hit the replay buffer hotkey it will take those last 10 seconds and save it as a file on your computer.

Step 1 Demo

Step 1 Demo

Step 2: Instant Replay Media Source

Create a clip from the replay buffer (Press Ctrl+Shift+S). Note: Your replay buffer needs to be started.

Add Media Source (name it "Instant Replay") -> Select the Replay buffer file. By default it will be located in the “Videos” folder and the file name will start with Replay. Move the media source around as you'd like.

Add Script: Click the Tools menu - > Scripts -> Select "instant-replay.lua" -> Select the media source we just added ("instant replay"). 

Add "Instant Replay" Hotkey: Settings -> Hotkeys -> Go to "Instant Replay" hotkey -> Set hotkey (we will use Ctrl+Shift+R). Click Apply. Now when you press Ctrl+Shift+R your media source will replay the last 10 seconds!

Step 2 Demo + Setup walk through: ( Note: I am pressing the hotkeys as described above to make the replays appear )

Step 2 Demo + Setup walk through: (Note: I am pressing the hotkeys as described above to make the replays appear)

You're ready for Instant Replays Live

You're set to start creating instant replays. Press the hotkey combination we setup above and the last 10 seconds of action will play in the new media source. Move your "Instant Replay" media source around your scene as you see fit! If you want your instant replay to start with one click simply set the hotkeys in step 1 and 2 to the same combination. All of your replay clips will be available afterwards so you can share them on social media or they could be used for compilations! 


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