The Best OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) YouTube Video guides

OBS Studio is one of the most powerful tools for a content creator. When first starting, however, it can seem a bit overwhelming. Even if you have been using it for a while there may be some options or settings you are unsure of, or you just want to learn as much as you can to optimize your configuration for the best possible content. These are some of the best YouTube guides available for either just getting started with OBS, or you are looking to learn more about broadcasting with OBS.


This is by far the best, most in-depth video covering OBS. What makes this the best is that it covers absolutely everything about OBS. It covers every single portion of the application in great detail; all of the sources, settings, and everything in between. It also covers tools like capture cards, green screens, and even discusses RTMP servers.

Unfortunately, with a video this in depth this also brings some negatives with it. This video itself is over five and a half hours long, and it covers several things that do not matter for streaming, like recording with OBS. Thankfully, this has also been broken up into smaller videos, and has been made into a playlist for easier consumption

From the above playlist the most relevant videos in the series for getting started purposes would be:

  • User Interface Tour & Walkthrough
  • Scenes & Sources: What are Scenes?
  • Why you should be using multiple scenes
  • Audio Devices, Mixer Levels, EVERYTHING AUDIO
  • MIXER MASTER - How to use OBS Mixer for Multiple Audio Tracks & Balanced Audio
  • Audio Filter Walkthrough - Add effects and quality boosts to your audio
  • WHAT BITRATE DO I USE? - Choosing a Bitrate for Streaming & Recording
  • Troubleshooting Internet Problems - FIX STREAMING ERRORS, RED BAR, DROPPED FRAMES!
  • How to Stream to Twitch AND YouTube AT THE SAME TIME (Mixer, Facebook, etc.)

OBS 2018 Ultimate Guide to Streaming on Twitch

This is a wonderful quick start guide for using OBS Studio for streaming to Twitch. It does focus on using the auto-configuration feature in OBS, and does not go into too much depth on the settings, but for a first-time user, this video is a great starting point.









This video gives just enough details on the settings, and walks you through the wizard. If you are new to streaming this can be a great way to dive into streaming without spending too much time on trying to figure out what your system can handle. Since this is so basic, there are other videos from Gaming Careers that compliment this video. Like the following:

OBS Studio - How to Add Game, Webcam, Overlay, Text Sources

This video gives some good details on the game source option. They give just enough details on layering sources that this is really easy for a beginner without over complicating the explanation of everything.

OBS Studio - Advanced Mic Settings (Noise Removal, Compressor, Noise Gate)

Something that many new streamers struggle with is getting the optimal mic settings, or using the noise gate to cut down on external sounds, like a mechanical keyboard.

[StreamElements 🚀] Adding Overlays to OBS

These have been some of our favorite go-to video guides for using OBS. Whether you are a beginner just getting started with OBS and streaming, or a more experienced user, these videos provide plenty of information for everyone.  If you have a particular video or guide that you have used, like, and would havluded, please let us know in the comment section below!