Streaming Fortnite with OBS Studio

Streaming the popular game Fortnite is quick and easy, but you need to check a few things to get a smooth stream.

Setup Fortnite for streaming

Fornite is streaming friendly, but tends to use the whole GPU for itself. OBS also needs a bit of GPU power to function properly.

In order to give OBS some room to work, we need to enable either vertical sync (v-sync) or set a FPS limit in-game. Use the built-in FPS limiter is preferred since v-sync will cause some input delay, which many players do not like.

In order to set a FPS limit, start Fortnite, login and open the graphics settings by clicking on the 3 bars and then the cog icon.


Right on the first settings tab, you will find the frame rate limit as the 3rd option. Default setting is "Unlimited".

Depending on your graphics card and monitor, we recommend to either set it to 60 or 120 FPS. If you have a high-refresh rate gaming monitor, you may also want to use 144 here.


With this done, you can save your settings and go back to the main screen. Keep Fortnite open and alt-tab back out to OBS.

Setup a new scene for Fortnite

  1. Click the "+" button in the scene box to add a new scene and name it "Fortnite"


  2. Add a new game capture or re-use an existing game capture. Set it to capture a specific window and select "FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe". You can also use the automatic capture of the foreground game or use the hotkey method (preferred if you play a lot of different games).


  3. You can now add your other stream elements as additional sources (webcam, alerts, etc.) in your scene.

  4. Done!